Saturday, 5 March 2011

Labor Pains Or Getting Kicked In The Balls

This thing Just came in my mind its not the best thing to blog about but still here it goes so i am here checking all my Facebook and going through my subscriptions in YouTube and this word pops into my head 'SEXIST' and i start thinking about the main problem in this and i am going to talk about one such thing don't think i am sexist but the heavy competition between male and female about who has more trouble or as in pain.Females are always like have you ever gone through labor pain that's the worst thing you can ever have but to my thought it isn't the most painful thing as females have you ever been kicked in the balls you don't want to step in our shoes after you get kicked in the balls we men are like united if we see someone else get kicked in the balls we all feel some what of a pain inside us as we know how much it hurts. So we hear allot of females going on about having another labor but have you ever heard of any male wanting to get kicked in their balls again like
Female: I want to have another baby.
Male:I wanna get kicked in the balls
ummm i think we never hear the male part so i would just like to say male suffer with more pains so females don't go about like we have more pains suffering this labor and lastly I am not a Sexist I respect both Genders but this thing just came in my head


First of all hats off to the website. dammi cha.
Anyhow I was, for general knowledge, trying to find out what hurts more [giving birth or getting hit in the balls], but you've explained in more of the terms that go off the topic. Eerm, I've read that humans have pain threshold to withstand against 45 del [units] however while giving birth female feel up to 57 del. SO... technically when male's get kicked in balls do we faint? no, but woman don't but still give birth, can you repost some minor statistic information; so I can compare between the two units?

Your sincerely, Anonymous.

Thank you Anonymous for your thoughts and facts in this post but this post is completely random post something that is not fact. But as per your request i will post some statistics in the later future.

You've never blacked out from it? I know I sure as hell have. I played baseball for years (I was a catcher) and even with the correct protective equipment getting a fastball to the junk was enough to floor me and leave me unable to do much other then gasp for air and try not to vomit.

Women don't want to have another baby to feel the labour pain again; they want to have another baby, that's it. They will go through the pain to bear a new life.
I am a woman so my opinions may be biased but I think labour pains are worse. I mean, come on, pushing a baby out of the vagina? They last up to 8 hours on average whereas getting kicked in the nuts may last... I'm not sure, an hour maybe?

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