Saturday, 5 March 2011

Load Shedding Advices

The question on everyone's lips is: "How are we going to deal with 16-hour power cuts a day from next month?" As a public service, below are ten easy tips to survive the powerless days ahead:
1. Detach your home from the grid completely: use firewood in the kitchen, go back to petromax for reading, and kerosene for Molotov cocktails for the Jana Bidroha starting 28 May
2. Yank out doors and turn your fridge into a bookshelf and your microwave into a closet
3. Buy a mobile that has a built-in lighter so you can ignite candles with it
4. Buy an exercise bicycle with dynamo to burn carbs while powering the wifi router and PC for internet
5. Learn Braille
6. Buy surplus US Army night-vision equipment for the whole family from e-Bay, including one for your Rottweiler for added security at night
7. Collect the brightest little fireflies in a jar and use as emergency light (needs regular replenishing)
8. Repaint your commode with phosphorescent paint so you can locate it when you have to go at night
9. Promote load-shedding as a tourist attraction (slogan: "Visit Nepal and Travel Back to the Dark Ages")
10. Apply for DV lottery and get the hell outta here


And another advise RAPE all the politicians make them develop this country for the better SOO u know any RAPERS ??haha

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