Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nepal’s first 3D animated short movie making competition

Nepal’s first 3D animated short movie making competition “The One Film 3D Animation Challenge” has announced that 36 finalists will be contesting for the title of outstanding excellence in the field of animation. The entry form distribution opened from March 7. A Maya Animation Academy initiative, the competition is aimed at promoting the animation scene in Nepal. The shortlisted finalists of Nepali origin from India, the UK, Singapore, Australia and Nepal itself are expected to submit movies ranging from two to seven minutes in a span of six months. The panel of judges that comprise 3D animation mentors, 3D studios, production companies, film experts and computer graphics professionals among others will then deliver on the basis of five criteria: content quality, production, post-production, image and sound quality. With a total prize value of over Rs 500,000, One Film 3D Animation Awards will be presented on November 5. The winning short film will be sent to compete in International Animation Festival.


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