Monday, 11 April 2011

ANFA collected 2.4 m Rupees from a single match

Nepal VS North Korea
This is a record!

ANFA has colleted 2.4 m Rupees as gate collection from Nepal vs DPR Korea match on Saturday.

The Nepali newspaper, Nagarik reported that ANFA collected 2.4 m Rupees from a single match, which is  a record in the Nepalese football history.

ANFA had collected 1.2m Rupees from Nepal Vs Afghanistan match on Thursday.

There were approx. 20,000 spectators present at the stadium on Saturday.

The price of the tickets are Rs 500 and Rs 200 respectively.

The price hike in ticket didn't stop Nepalese football lovers to enter Dasrath Stadium.
Even though Nepal lost 1-0 with North Korea it was a well played game by the Nepali team. Jai Nepal!!!
More images of the match @ Flickr


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