Thursday, 14 April 2011

Find My Way

I see so many ppl doing cover songs or trying to rap some stuff but these guys here are someone new with their own track and i think they are awesome. They are called Yong Hustle from KTM. Listen to their song Find My Way- Dirtyfait & Yonten. Their Facebook Page


Left out alone i struggle in the dark
Everything i touch it breaks down apart
But i cant give up, up i gotta stay
Like the light through the night i gotta find my way

Its a cold world we livin in they say
All i have is hope i loose him everyday
Man i cant give up, up i gotta stay
Like the light through the night i gotta find my way

Verse: Yonten

Born on december 29th 1992
It was time of winter a place i never knew
When my mom was fifteen belive me its true
Life's a bomb still tickin' won't wait for me or you
I learn't to chase my dreams be a better man in his shoe
Lean't to face different problems do solve 'em as i grew
So i give all mah best cause i got nothin to loose
Everyday is a test different answers to choose
I remember my past smile back for what i've been thru
Mom pulled up my ears when i rolled with my crew
don't fool around dear and she told me her views
Every person is a book with different stories to tell
Im pourin' my feelings with no worries im in hell
Im livin a life makin hell a heaven
Granpa died early when i was jus seven
Dropped and picked me from my school i remember his red bike
he stooped my act of fool when i had my first fight
Dark nights' are over, survived the hard lyfe
can't break me down im fightin wid mah all mite
Dear LORD!!! please show me the bright light.


Verse: Dirtyfait

As I look back when my pops lost his track
I was just an infant playin straps on his lap
As I look back tearz roll down my eyez
couz every little issues made big surprise
His been surviving his times, Doin it fine
Things done changed and i am movin to mine
I mixed my hopes with my dreams and my dreams with my rhymes
Lord forgive me if i am wrong if i slip for a crime
Growin up with my mother, used to play in the gutter
Lost all day, got marked then i hugged her
I am older in this game used to facing these pain
Lotta brothers get down yet no one to help me up again
So I am tryin not to fall, I am trynna stand tall
I strive to be a man in this god damn world
But i am stucked in this case so i flow stress
Yes, i chase progress its a slow process
Dope fiend filled place cops all over my face
Guess its best to run then express ur mess and get arrested
I think of good life and loose my mind everyday
But i wont stop trippin till i find my way.

(chorus) *2


i like it....very refreshing......

not like ryapahoplic

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