Friday, 29 April 2011

First Nepali Nude Photographer Sanjog Rai

Sanjog Rai

In a country where nudity is taken as a taboo Sanjog Rai is the first Nude Photographer of Nepal.
Sanjog Rai is an Art and Fashion photographer based in Milan he was born on January 14, 1989 in Nepal.

In 2010, he moved to Milano, Italy, in order to work and study photography and he is trying to make a mark in fashion industry. He started photography in 2008 and started working as a professional photographer in 2010 in one of the famous Magazine in Nepal and also worked for modeling agencies in Nepal. Currently he is working as a freelance photographer and also working for some agencies in Milan. More images @ Sanjog Rai art photography


....... k bhanne aba..... milan bata nepal k garna ayeko hola..anyways keep it up(smirk)...hahahaha

man this guy is my hero man where can i get a dream job like him man
am serious XD

i was featured here and i didnt even know.. haha... anyways thank you Mij...


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You are really doing a gud work.. most of the art in this subcontinent of our god and goddesses are in nude forms.. because nude is the most intense and absolute form of art when delivered and captured with that beauty.. I hope you would be able to do some substantial work in this area and make our people see nudity as a form of art and not vulgarity..


honestly, when i first saw the post...i didnt know how to comment.
photographs are great for sure.
i wonder if sanjog has his own website or blog ?????

@ lhamo Mashutzo you can view my work here :)

thank you for your kind words.

Sanjog Rai

mero b4 ma kunai thulo kuro hoina nude photographer hunu,jo jo aafno ichha le khichna aauchha,khyacha khichi dine ta ho ni, k bhari kuro chha ta!

very nice.we are artist we did not get model for nude drawing life always we ave do by pothos only.
bk nar bahadur
student of M.F.A.
latit kala bavan

...Awesome Man...\m/ ur Pic r decent
Well...I'm a photographr 2...

i draw nudes too but never had an idea to publicize... its inspirational...

There might be some other photographers too who have shot nude before, I find lot of Pradeep Yonjan's photographs in that category. I don't know why people always want to be 'first'!
Honestly speaking I didn't find anything new and influencing in those nudes apart from 'first Nepali nudes' tag.

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