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Marijuana in Ktm

I found the following information on a travels website it tells you how, where to buy marijuana and its cost. I was shocked to find this in a travels website but as we know Kathmandu comes first in the Hippies list. So enjoy reading the article.

Legislation: marijuana and hashish used to be legal in Nepal till the late 70s - that is why it was heaven for hippies in the 60s and 70s. Nowadays Cultivating, selling, dealing and possessing is illegal but usually nobody cares. 

another reporter added: "It's illegal, but they are not too bothered about own use, just smuggling, which is serious" 

Law enforcement: The police have no interest in marijuana related issues and if you are a tourist no one cares about you smoking. 
In case you are caught you can buy your freedom in the spot usually at a very meagre price. 

Many people smoke marijuana and hash in Nepal: it is common for holy man or sadhus (as they are locally called) who live in temples to smoke marijuana, Nepalese people even have lord Shiva who smokes weed and there is a festival celebrating his birthday when most people smoke that day. Many old people in villages smoke it too you can virtually say more than 60 percent of the youth smoke weed it is one of the most weed friendly country in the world  another reporter added: "The cops are not seen around much, and they are usually easy to buy off. It\'s not wise to smoke indiscreetly though. Keep it out of sight. A quiet drag in your lodge, or whilst rowing on Phewa Tal is the way to go." 

Where to buy marijuana in Kathmandu: If you are tourist in Kathmandu just go to thamel before you walk for 10 mins. you will be offered hash more than 5 times. If u are not offered- just look around for a guy who looks like a smoker and just start a conversation - you won't be disappointed. 

If you are a shy type just go to some bars inside get some drinks and try talking with the waiter. 
The bars i recommend where lots of smokers hang is the bamboos club, les yeux, tongues n tales, new Orleans etc. 

If you have local friends you can usually get the best outdoor grown marijuana which is often found outside the Kathmandu valley . 

Finger n temple balls are the most common types of hash in Nepal and quality is very good and marijuana is outdoor grown and the quality depends upon where it is grown....marijuana and hash are available in every part of Nepal if you have a tourist guide with you he will be able to get you some weed anywhere you travel pokhara is one of the city where u get best quality marijuana. 

....just make some local friends people are very friendly and talking about marijuana is not a big offence and is taken very lightly another reporter added: "Keep an eye out for Bang/Bhang lassiis. Yogurt based drinks stuffed full of weed. But be careful, there may be sufficient quantities to knock you out." 

and also: "Anywhere, but Thamel and Durbar Square are the usual places where touts offer it to tourists. Any rickshaw jockey can sort you out, and just about any young guy can point you the right way." 

Kathmandu marijuana prices: Marijuana is unbelievably cheap in Nepal - you can get a kilo of marijuana for 7000 Nepali rupees(=$100), and usual hash price is 700 Nepali rupees(=$10) for 1 tola (11 grams). However, if you are tourist you could be asked for more money so try to bargain....if you are looking for some free drags from chilum just go to some hindu temples notably around pashupatinath temples and some dread locked holy man will ask u to join him for a drag.... 

another reporter added: "Absurdly cheap. A tola can be had for less than Rs 1000 ($15). " 

Brands: Royal Nepalese finger and temple balls are most common brands of hash in Nepal lots of hash is grown in Nepal and exported to many countries it is common to read in the local newspapers that 200 or 300 kilos of hash were busted almost every two months. 
Marijuana is outdoor grown and potency varies on how it is grown. 

another reporter added: "Some of the fresh Manang weed can be good, but the old stuff should be avoided. The hand-rubbed charas is phenomenal. "

More information: 
* Try some Nepali munchies after you fly high Nepal is chepa country try some newari cuisine n some Nepali sweet shops they r damn good 

* get your own rolling papers because usually hash in Nepal is smoked from chilum or in cigarettes so if u want to roll a joint it is best to get the papers as papers are not found everywhere if u are big marijuana fan go for a trekking and get some local weeds u will have awesome time in this little Himalayan kingdom lastly i say once again marijuana is found almost everywhere in Nepal 

Don't eat the hash. If you do, you get horribly stoned for ages and it can be hard to even walk home. 


nice one mates will love this article...

miz bro what are you doing this?
you are choosing really to disappoint the world.
are you choosing to PROMOTE MARIZUANA.
or what about this?
in my opinion you are doin damn shit things.

Reply to the Anonymous thankyou for ur responses but thats the truth Nepal comes 1st in the hippies list and the information i found in there is from a Travels website I was just showing what was written in the website and making the people aware of what is being found in the travels website.Thankyou

nice article and yup thats the truth guys!

Mij Bro,if u found this article using google, i suggest u use google's filter to get u better results. The article u are runnin with is way outdated nd useless...

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