Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nepal encroaches on India! WTFootball !!!

IBN Live describes this incident as "a land grab with International dimensions". According to this report, thousands of villagers in seven border districts of Bihar have lost their land and homes to encroachers from Nepal - triggering a significant rise in violence and conflict along the state's border with Nepal. Apparently Bihari farmers are turning landless, literally overnight and while most try mass protests, they ultimately end up migrating to bigger towns or work as landless labourers. So what's next? Nepal is going to encroach upon the other neighbouring states of Uttaranchal, Darjeeling and Sikkim? Are we seeing the concept of Greater Nepal taking shape? 


" the british treaty staes the border outline" fuck that statement......that treaty is useless in the first place......go mahakali ajha south tira bagye huncha....hahahhaha

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