Friday, 1 April 2011

OMG UK royal couple to honeymoon in Nepal

Prince William and Kate Middleton
This year Nepal is very lucky first Bryan Adams came to perform here and then we heard news about Kailash Kher coming to Nepal to perform now the royal UK couple are coming to Nepal for their Honeymoon.
Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided on Nepal for their honeymoon and are expected to land up in Kathmandu a week after their April 29 royal wedding at Westminster Abbey, London.
They will be staying in couple of days in Kathmandu at the Gokarna Resort while a royal suite is being readied for the newly weds.
Three helicopters belonging to Dynasty Air and a single engine Pilatus Porter aircraft belonging to Yeti Airlines have been hired to ferry the royal couple and their entourage.
The royal couple would leave for the Everest region by a chopper and check into Hotel Everest View which happens to be the highest located hotel in the world situated at 3,880 m in the Sagarmatha National Park commanding a spectacular view of Mt Everest.
They will also make a trip to Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in West Nepal that is a dedicated area where certain wild species are permitted to be culled. The Reserve staff have been instructed to make sure the royal couple get a sighting of the exotic yet rare Blue sheep.
Nepal stands to enjoy unlimited free publicity and recognition that will provide an unexpected boost to the Nepal Tourism Year 2011. Source:The Himalayan Times
Got ya! Happy April Fools Day...LOL


GODDAMMIT!!!!! I even said it to my parents

ha ha ha u got me; at d last sentence i was lyk waaattt hehe though april 1st is already gone.. nwaz i m likin ur blog, has variety... keep it up!!! :)

shit i jus posted it in facebook.....

GADDDDDDDDD hehehhahaha so funny i like it!!!!!

for a sec... i thought WTF were they coming to nepal.... lol

but i heard prince hary is going to nepal to vist mt.everest in may.............

i was so happy when i was reading this, god, and then at the end * April fools day* wtf, y!

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