Sunday, 17 April 2011

The unique, disabled teacher

The person in the photo above, being carried by the little girl, is her teacher. The 55 years-old, about 10 Kg in weight, Krishna Prasad Poudel, has been teaching in the local school, Bhagavati Lower Secondary School, for the last 39 years. One team of the students carry him to the school in the morning and another team brings him back home in the laps of his old mother. The old mother is the only person to take care of him at home.
Almost everybody in the Thulopokhara village of Arghakachi district, Western Nepal, is taught by Krishna Prasad. The 8 class pass, longest serving teacher in the school, is still in a temporary status while his previous students are permanent teachers in the school. 


guru devo bhabha; extra news and highly inspiring

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