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7 Evergreen Nepali Cinema

Good Cinema is perfect blend of art and entertainment, which most of the makers in Nepali Cine Sansar seems to have forgotten by just aping Bollywood cinema. Jarring music, raunchy item songs, some daring stunts on bikes & cars and nonsense slapsticks has taken over the methodical & visionary process of making the movies. Whenever we talk of evergreen Nepali Movies then we are forced to look back at least a decade or more to fit our bill.
Here are some of the Good evergreen Cinema which was both critically acclaimed and commercially viable.

1. Aama (1964): Aama (Literally: Mother) is the first Nepali movie produced in Nepal, starring Shiva Shankar Manandhar and Bhuvan Chand (Thapa) as the leading actors. Brain Drain and Human labor erosion was highlighted in the movie, which till date seems quite relevant. Service to the motherland is equally virtuous as service to a mother. The story revolved around a typical household of a Nepalese village where a desperate young boy flees home to earn money and to alleviate agony of his poor widow mother. He served in a foreign army for a couple a years, returns home as a grown-up, energetic young man but only to find that his mother has died.

2. Basudev (1984): Directed by Neer Shah, based upon a novel by Dhruba Chandra Gautam, Basudev is one of the finest example of realistic cinema. Even in 1984, Nepali makers had already started making thought provoking realistic cinema. Starring Harihaar Sharma along with Neer Shah, Haribansha, Krishna Malla, Sharmila Malla (then Sharmila K.C.) the movie depicted the hard & tragic life of ethical man in fast changing corrupt society. The movie portrayed the troubles of a highly ethical man played by Harihar Sharma who is in conflict with his immoral friend acted by Neer Shah.

Kusume Rumal
3. Kusume Rumal (1988): Tulsi Ghimire after working long as an assistant editor to Indian filmmakers finally jumped into direction in Nepali Cine Sansar with Kusume Rumal. The evergreen love story with excellent music composed by Ranjit Gajmer took the nation by strom. Story set in rural Nepal highlighting love, devotion, hatred & promise became instant hit among Nepali Youth of mid 80s. Starring Bhuvan K.C., Tripti and Udit Narayan in lead roles is till date considered one of the best movies of all times.

4. Chino (1991): Directed once again by Tulsi Ghimire, Chino is till date considered one of the most successful Nepali Movie released ever. It still holds the longest running cinema record. The movie ran for more than 200 days in Bishowjyoti Cinema Hall. It was Tulsi’s homepage to olden Bollywood cinema with ‘lost-and-found’ formula mixed with action, romance & melodrama. With ensemble cast of Shiva Shrestha, Bhuwan K.C., Sharmila Malla, Kristy K.C, Shubhadra Adhikari & Tulsi Ghimire himself the movie was an out and out masala movie. The romantic song sung by Narayan Gopal, ‘Mohani Lagla Hai’ topped all Nepali Charts for more than six months. The movie also held record of highest grossing ever till then.

Prem Pinda
5. Prem Pinda (1995): Directed by Yadav Kharel, Prem Pinda, is an adaptation of popular play by Bal Krishna Sama. Sama was considered as ‘Shakespeare’ of Nepal with his evergreen plays like “Mutuko Byatha,” “Mukunda Indira,” “Bhater,” “Birami Ra Kuruwa,” “Boksi,” and “Andhabeg” . Starring Saroj Khanal, Sunny Rauniar & Neer Shah in the lead roles the movie was depiction of eternal love. Some of the superb songs rendered by Asha Bhosle (Gairi Khet Ko) & Kumar Sanu (Ke Bhanu) raised the bar of the movie above than the original play. Fine music, superb performance by the lead actors in this historic play made the Prem Pinda - The Token of Love commercial success.

6. Balidan (1996): Balidan is also directed by Tulsi Ghimire and is one of the few off beat movies in the history of Nepali cinema. Balidan, meaning ‘Sacrifice’ is based on popular uprising and the fight against Panchayati System for bringing multiparty democracy in Nepal.
The movie resonated; Put your country first before your life. Hari Bansa Acharya did the commendable job by portraying the victimized antagonist character, completely opposite than what he is most popularly known for.

Darpan Chaya
7. Darpan Chanyya (2001): Directed by Tulsi Ghimire, Darpan Chanyya is a triangular love cum friendship story. Starring Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh and Uttam Pradhan the movie explores love and life on the verge of death due to a chronic illness. Inspired from Hollywood hits like ‘A Walk To Remember’ & Bollywood love triangles like ‘Sangam’, ‘Saajan’ the movie had its own ethnic Nepali flavor with contemporary screenplay. The movie made ‘Niruta’ an overnight superstar along with her co-stars. The song ‘Lahana Le Jurayo Ki’ with folk musical instruments became instant hit, which helped the movie to garner super hit status within few weeks of its release.


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