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FunkyFresh E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. - Positive Youth Empowerment through HipHop

The FunkyFresh Vision

The FunkyFresh brainchild, Mastakush first hopped on the 'inspiration' boat six years ago. Now, he has BECOME the inspiration for many of his friends and distant peers. Born in Nepal but raised in Belgium, he continues to spread positivity through his music, dance and philosophy to his circle of friends, brief encounters and even unsuspecting strangers. I have  witnessed the amazing transformations in some of these people that have strongly inspired me to do the same. Together, we aim to educate, inspire and empower the youth on how to find our highest excitement and build a life of passion around it through what we know best - HipHop. 

FunkyFresh E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S.
The FunkyFresh E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. is a one-week intensive program that covers all the 5 elements of HipHop (MC, DJ, Bboy, Beatbox & Graffiti) with the addition of Beatmaking, Popping & Slam Poetry. The program is targeted at young adults (aged 13+) in Nepal with a passion and curiosity for HipHop and will be taught by independent artists from Nepal and Europe. At a time when urban and artistic culture is rising in Nepal, the program can help boost the initiation of creating a positive HipHop community where everybody is inspired to INSPIRE.

By the end of the program, the students will have built a solid a foundation of skills and knowledge on the element of HipHop they want to learn and embody, from which they can evolve on their own as conscious artists who can fully understand and value the power and responsibility that comes with the freedom and creativity of expression through WORDS, VISUALS, SOUNDS & MOVEMENTS.

In short, the program will inspire and shape the mindsets of students into harnessing the power of creative expression that can be a powerful tool for change in society. It will also give the teachers a chance to learn a lot more about themselves.

FunkyFresh Team, Left to Right: Mami, Mastakush

The E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. Breakdown

1. The Art of Freestyles and Rhyme
2. The Art of Beatboxing
3. The Art of Bboy'ing
4. The Art of Popping
5. The Art of Graffiti
6. The Art of Dj'ing
7. The Art of Beatmaking
8. The Art of Slam Poetry

The program will cover fundamental skills in all the elements of HipHop. The students will be first introduced to the roots and evolution of the HipHop culture, with an emphasis on what we believe HipHop truly represents - CREATIVITY, COMMUNITY & RESPECT

Aided by skill demonstrations of every element; creative activities that will mentally and physically challenge the students; discussions on individual philosophies that ultimately influence the style every artist embodies; strategies to boost confidence and stage persona; connecting with people and bringing individual experiences and personalities to shape the work produced; attention to detail; understanding the importance of networking, openness to knowledge, preparation, practice and persistence; practicing mutual support for inspiration, development and success...the program is tailored to the overall development of students in becoming artists who can use their passion as a medium not only for recreation, self-fulfillment and change, but also for inspiring others to do the same.

    The Final Showcase

    The program will end with a final showcase inviting the students' families and will be open to the public. There will be live demonstrations and performances by all students and teachers from the program. There will also be an award ceremony to reward the students for their achievements. 

    It will be a time of great reflection, rejoice and promise. The program will not end without ensuring every student and teacher have exchanged contacts with each other in order for the teachers to follow up on the students' progress as well as for the students to continue to interact with each other after the workshops and self-initiate opportunities for future collaborations. 

    The Documentary

    The entire program will be filmed for a DVD package that the students and teachers can take home or back to school to share their experiences with friends and family. This way we can ensure that the word keeps spreading, and the knowledge keeps expanding and reaching out to more people. The footages will also be used for my sequel to Manifesting A Dream, which will be titled ROOTS. The documentary will once again follow Mastakush on his journey from Belgium and UK to Nepal where he will physically manifest his dream of giving back to the people and connecting with his biological roots in Nepal. This will be his first trip back to his homeland in 17 years. 

    What We Need & What You Get

    With five artists (including ourselves) travelling from Europe, we will need funds for our tickets and accommodation to make this happen. Then we will require sponsoring for the workshop and final showcase rental space at Sattya and the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, plus the equipment (Laptops/PCs, Turntables, Graffiti Tools, Bboy Mats, Mirrors, Mics, Speakers, Blank Music CDs and DVDs). Finally, we need a domain name for an official website for everyone to stay updated, informed, inspired and blown away by our eye-popping trailers!

    In return for your interest and contributions, you will be involved in this project, directly or indirectly. This is YOUR project as much as it is ours. In helping bring this project to life, our young voices can come to the forefront of our community without the use of violence, destruction or passivity. As the seeds of knowledge are planted in them, they will blossom under the light of creativity and will be a part of a growing community of universally conscious individuals who care about the world and each other.
    Check out our perks for exactly what you can receive on donating any amount to the FunkyFresh E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. project. Should we not reach our exact goal by the end of the deadline, there are still other ways you can help make this happen!

    Other Ways You Can Help

    The best way to help us manifest this dream would be by spreading the word! If you share a love for HipHop and know of anyone who feels the same passion, please share the project link and help us reach out to like-minded people who believe in creating a positive change. You can also link us to any useful contacts who can sponsor our project or hook us up with some of the equipment listed above or are generous enough to donate or rent out their own stuff for the workshop week!

    In Peace, Love & Respect




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