Saturday, 7 May 2011

Out Of The Darkness

Out of the Darkness is a documentary on Dr. Sanduk Ruit of Nepal and his Cure Blindness Initiative. Simple cataract surgery that is taken for granted in the West isn’t readily available in developing countries. As a result there are many cases of preventable blindness in Nepal especially in the rural, mountainous countryside and being blind in such a country is practically a death sentence.
The movie follows Dr. Ruit and his team on a 4-day trek as they try to bring aid to those that desperately need it. Intraocular lens implants are expensive, so Dr. Ruit has set up a lab in Nepal to manufacture them. But making the artificial lenses is nothing compared to transporting them to those in need. The mountainous countryside makes travel from village to village a challenge to even the able bodied and it’s impossible for most patients to make it to the city for treatment. Out of the Darkness recently won the Jury Prize in the Mountain Film Competition at the 2011 Mountain Film awards in New Zealand.
Sanduk Ruit is an eye surgeon from Okhalghunga, Nepal who won the 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Peace and International Understanding, Asia's equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize. He has worked with Fred Hollows and did a 14 month training at Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital in Australia back in 1986.
In Australia, Sanduk Ruit learned the latest cataract micro-surgery technique using implanted intraocular lenses. He now uses this knowledge to help restore the eye-sigh of the poorest of the poor. He continues to trek through the most remote regions of Nepal conducting eye camps and restoring sight to thousands of the blind. Please do watch this documentary if you get a chance to do so.

Out of the Darkness is currently doing its festival run and will be released for screenings and DVD later this year


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