Sunday, 1 May 2011

UK Royal's Honeymoon in Nepal is a Hoax

News24 claims the United Kingdom’s Prince William and his newly wed wife Kate are coming to Nepal for their honeymoon, with no named source quoted. Or, is it another hoax?
Covering the  news on the high profile royal wedding, it said  preparations are being made secretly for their week-long trip to the Himalayan country.
The TV station is too confident. But none in the British Embassy here in Kathmandu and the Foreign Ministry officials verify this.

Did News24 get carried away by The Himalayan Times April First prank:  UK royal couple to honeymoon in Nepal ? Appears so! You can read the article on The Himalayan times here: OMG UK royal couple to honeymoon in Nepal
Update:  Till 6 pm bulletin, the Kathmandu-based television channel reported that the British royal couple has chosen Nepal for their honeymoon, colligating William’s closeness with Gurkhas.
For a while,  we people at The Himalayan Times were surprised first at the “Breaking News”.  Seeing at the certitude of the baby news channel, we were compelled to call up  the “probable sources”.  But none verified the claim. :)
Later, they did not highlight the Nepal part  (Or, did I miss that?) But their website still carries the transcript of the same old news in Nepali:
The couple has a wide range of honeymoon options, including a stay at Queen Elizabeth II´s vast Balmoral Estate in Scotland, where they would likely have the privacy needed to evade paparazzi.

William at one pointed hinted he might take Middleton to Australia for a scuba-diving honeymoon, but it is also possible they would opt for a private island in the Caribbean, the Seychelles, an archipelago of more than 100 islands off Africa, or an outdoorsy trip to Jordan that would include a visit to Petra.


May b they read ur article and didnt finish haha

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