Sunday, 8 May 2011

We want an Apology

Mr Stephen Colbert we want an apology thats the latest from all the Nepalese community all over the world. Well i thought to myself now what has this guy done that Nepalese people all around the world are so pissed off well i wasn't happy when i saw a video of his in which he uses the  term illiterate as well as we don’t even know the shape of the rectangle. He even insulted our holy living goddess Kumari and many more. Well i don't care if you are a comedian you have insulted our whole country and our people and i don't like that thats just *@$~#&£ @$%£* $"%^ @%££$^* Take a look at his video
 P.S. even though the video dates back to 2007 i still am pissed off with this guy.


so am i... who the hell is he to insult us? what gives him right to do that... f*** him...

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