Friday, 3 June 2011

Chat with Johan Earl

Johan Earl is an Australian Director and actor. He is comming to Nepal to direct a film. The film is tentatively called Kali,it's a co production between a local Nepal producer Sushma Karki of RB Music Production and Rebellion Pictures of Australia.
I had asked him some straight forward questions about the film here it goes 

1) What are we expecting from this film is it action, romance, thriller, etc?
It's an action/adventure.

2) Who will you be targeting on the film is it younger generation , older generation?
Target audience is 18-35 but it's the kind of film young and old will enjoy. If you love action you will like this film. 

3) It is Nepal's pleasure to have you direct a film in Nepal but you could have  chose other countries. Why Nepal?
I chose Nepal, because of an existing relationship with a producer there. There's some very talented and enthusiastic producers in Nepal looking to make some big changes in Nepali Film. This film is hopefully the first step for them and it's my privilege to bring what I've learned in the West to help Nepalese film makers.

4)What is the budget for this movie?
The budget is a confidential.

5)How big is the movie going to be?
Hopefully the film will be very well received. We're putting a lot of time and energy into making it special. Time will tell how big it can be.

6) Could you give some synopsis of the movie?
While I can't give away too much of the story, the closest comparison to the film would be "Taken" with Liam Neeson.

7)When is the Filming starting ?
Filming will start in August.

Thank you Johan for your time.


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