Thursday, 30 June 2011

Women accused of witchcraft

Every year, thousands of people across Nepal, mainly older women and children,  are accused of witchcraft and face physical abuse from friends and their neighbours, often ending in their murder.
Recently 41-year-old Gauri Devi Saha of Bara was severely beaten and forced to eat human waste by her neighbours for allegedly practising witchcraft. She was rescued by local police and was admitted into hospital for  treatment.
61-year-old Man Maya Angbohang, was beaten black and blue by a group of local youth at her residence in Taplejung after accusations of being a witch.
The unmarried woman was living alone and sustained many injuries and is now undergoing treatment.
Three Dalit women in Dang district were also reported to have been tortured by villagers on the same charge.
Witchcraft is one of the most deeply rooted superstitions and throughout history, many people who have been accused of being witches have been persecuted, tortured or murdered.
Despite the involvement of human rights organisations and women’s rights groups, the reports of women accused as witches and subsequently tortured are rising each year.
The Women’s Rehabilitation Centre (Worec) documented at least 82 cases over the last two years in which women were tortured by neighbours on charges of practising witchcraft.
In the majority of cases, socially and economically vulnerable women are the ones facing these accusations.
This is an excuse to torture poor women who lack support from the rest of the community. Their poverty and lack of education make them easy targets.


I had no idea. This is almost unbelievable. My brain just cannot accept that this still happens to women.

Another really interesting post.

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