Thursday, 21 July 2011

Watch Out For T.O.T

Take Off Team aka T.O.T are new faces in town they have two members in their group Prasidha Rai aka Mister P and Ladi Dawodu aka Tricksta their main music field is Hip Hop they have mostly done remix songs but have made their own original songs to which are releasing soon so hold on tight to hear it. T.O.T is not just a normal group its a young group filled with talents and a lot of enthusiasm to do a lot they have also started performing in some well known gigs in UK and I have heard they are going to perform in yet another gig but i will stay quiet for now as i don't want to ruin the surprise of the gig but you will know soon as 
which gig are they performing in for now listen to one of their song and lastly Today's song of the day(21/07/11) on the left column is one of the remix of T.O.T Show goes on Lupe Fiasco



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