Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nepal's Supreme Court decision in Facebook

(FINALLY! The Supreme Court of Nepal has announced, any person who meets Road Accidents can be taken to nearby Hospital immediately. Hospital must not ask for Police Report to admit him, its Doctors Duty to do First-aid. Police can be informed later. Please spread this message by SHARING ON YOUR WALL.. It will help us all)

This is the message i have been seeing allot lately on Facebook but to tell you the truth this message is not real If this rule was real in Nepal then it was an awesome news to hear but it isn't. Many people are posting this onto their Facebook wall without even knowing the truth i mean if this was real this news would have spread all over the Nepali media but it hasn't. Similarly i have found somewhat of same messages from some people of India And Pakistan so do you still think this can be real Its an absolute NO but if it was true and real so many peoples life could have been saved. 
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