Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Donation of Rs 40m from 86 year-old man

Astaman Maharjan, a resident of Purnachandi in Latitpur Sub-Metropolitan City, on Saturday on 18th anniversary of Jyapu Community donated Rs 40 million in land and cash for the cause of benevolence.

 Donation includes one Ropani, 13 annas of land near Modern Indian School to the Jyapu Community for establishing an old age home and Rs 5 million in hard cash for constructing the building. As quoted in Kantipur, he has also given his word for additional support of another Rs 5 million if the money is not sufficient for the building.

86 year-old Maharjan said, many people have been evicted from home by their children when they grow old and economically inactive and that has inspired me to help in the construction of old age homes.

This donation surprised everybody present in the mass including top political leaders gathered there.


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