Monday, 5 September 2011

Chat With Peter McDonough

Peter McDonough also known as copperhead165 is an American You tuber who i think is amazing at singing Nepali songs so I thought of keeping him in the chat with section this time last time in the chat with section I had Mr Johan Earl an Australian director who had plans of making a movie in Nepal So here it goes.

1) By listening to you singing it looks like you have been in Nepal can u tell me how long have you been there?
Yes I lived in Nepal for 5 years total. I lived their from age 7-12 and I spent a lot of time with my Nepali friends during that time. I think it was an advantage to be there when I was young. I also spent half a year in Nepal when I was 21, and I keep going back whenever I can...  I'm currently in the US, but I have Nepali friends here too, Nepalis can be found everywhere these days!

2) Who inspired you?
I remember listening to Nepali music playing on the night bus when I was young. Hearing Nepali (and Hindi) music brings back those great memories. I was inspired by a broad range of Nepali musicians - as a kid I heard more traditional music because we lived in the village, but since then I also listen to a lot of contemporary Nepali music. Some of my favorites are Prashant Tamang, Albatross, The Uglyz, The Edge Band, Sabin Rai and Andazification just to name a few. I have been very inspired by these bands!

3) How did you manage to sing in Nepali?
 I learned to speak Nepali as a kid, but then we left Nepal and I didn't have practice for many years. Later I began to return to Nepal and I made Nepali friends in the US and I have continued to learn a lot more since then. 
I learned some Nepali songs in church in Nepal, and I learned to play the maadal at a young age. I love Nepali music and I love singing so singing Nepali songs just came naturally - especially after I learned to play the guitar. I really enjoy singing the Nepali songs that I love!

4) What do you think about Nepal?
Nepal is great - I love Nepal and I am planning to return there after college. Nepal is unique and has an amazing history, and although it has faced difficult challenges in recent years it has made it through and I have a lot of hope for Nepal. I think that every Nepali can be very proud of their heritage, and I hope to see Nepal continue to grow and adapt while preserving the rich culture and history that makes it what it is. I think the young generation of Nepalis are finding new ways to connect and new opportunities to develop their skills whether in music, medicine, business, technology etc. This is great and I think that Nepal can benefit a lot from these talented young people.

5) What is the best thing that happend to you in Nepal?
The best thing that happened to me in Nepal was just the fact that I could live there. Growing up there changed my world view, and I have lasting friendships that started years ago in Nepal. I'm really glad for that, and I hope that I can help give back to Nepal in the future.

Thank You Peter for your precious time.


wow i like him....peter you are awesome////though being a nepali i can't sing well like you..

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