Sunday, 16 October 2011


Gone are the days when Nepalis complained and criticized their government. Now they can call 1111.

In an effort to discuss the people’s problems directly, the Nepal Government has launched a first-of-a-kind project, Hello Government.

In a news report by Xinhua, Joint Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, Pursottam Khanal, was quoted as saying that the service has been highly acclaimed by the people and many people are calling.

“We are getting very nice response from the people for this innovative project.”

According to the news report, all complains, recommendations and problems will be recorded, which will be reported to the PM according to their importance.

In his effort to be more interactive with the countrymen, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai also publicized an e-mail account for people to send their complains and concerns soon after he was elected in August.

In Nepal, after the monarchy was overthrown to establish a republic, governments have been formed and dissolved. In four years, Bhattarai is the fourth PM.

But with Bhattarai, who is from the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Nepalis have a lot of hope. People admire his intellectual side as his visions for a new Nepal. His financial policies during his tenure as Finance Minister in the first Maoist government were highly praised.

Lately he has also been in news for his modest personal choices: he opted for a local, Nepal-made jeep over a branded car for his entourage and flew economy class to New York to attend the UN General Assembly, which high-profile Nepali politicians usually don’t do.

So will Bhatarai’s new approaches have visible results? Will the new toll-free number really be effective or it’s going to be yet another promising plan that led nowhere?

But whatever it is, it’s a good start.

Source: The Journal


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