Friday, 14 October 2011

Madstoners Officially Changed To Uniqo Creation

Does the name “Madstoners” ring a bell? Its great if it does but if not you’d better go check them out . “Madstoners” is the up and coming event company, one of the brightest beacons in the entertainment biz . If anybody knows how to rock an event, its these guys. Although “Madstoners” has now become “Uniqo Creation”, you can rest assured that their name is the only thing that’s changed and the events are still gonna rock your socks off.

This ambitious company first appeared on the scene with their “Rocking event of Fear” during January of this year which received a generous response from the public. The massive success of this event led to the ultimate party phenomenon on 26th February, 2011 called “The Ruthless Jam Session”. It wasn’t long until this group again partnered with Sapan Ent and KR Ent to bring DJ Raju live tour to the UK. The latest we’ve heard form them was the “Take Off Team : Soundtrack To My Life” Exclusive Video Premiere right here on Mijrai on September 5th which quickly took off on its path to success. Me at MIJRAI.COM would like to thank the company and the entire crew from “Uniqo Creation” for making MIJRAI.COM a part of their success and wish them all the very best for their future events.


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