Sunday, 23 October 2011

Review Of 9seven7 Festive Night 21st October

On Friday, I came all the way from Derby to London to attend 9seven7's Festive Night. I reached the venue at about 24:00 only to be disappointed to find that the party organizers hadn't paid a lot of attention on guiding their guest as in people attending the party to the doors. People were stranded because they were all told to follow the river straight to the back entrance. However, me and my friends followed the river, surprisingly, to a dead end. We had no clue as to where the entrance was. And to top it all off, there was a fresh batch of people right behind us, just as clueless, coming the same way. So, we started returning back to the front entrance and in the middle of the way, where, to our surprise were big barricades and security guards. We had no clue where they came from, but anyway we went in after they checked our ID's. We went in danced a bit, drank a bit, looked at the performances and, hell yeah, the performances were awesome. DJ's ta jhanai babal. They kept the people dancing till the end, but the best bit of that party was the smoking area with beds; a place to drink and chill in fresh air while sleeping on the bed. They'd even set up a food stall in there. Even though, not a Nepali food stall, it was good enough to do away with the hunger. Finally the crowd, I imagine, was over 2k. There was a huge crowd even when it was time to close and people were still pouring in. Looking at this, I would say that there were just some minor things 9seven7 could have done by guiding the guests to the correct entrance from the beginning. But overall I enjoyed the party and I would also definitely suggest other people, who missed the event, to go to their next event. I wish 9seven7 all the best for their future events.


comeon what a shitty long have you stayed in the uk for???

lol i requested a review on this event so badly and u did it mate. cheers for that.

tym wont be 24:00 it would be 00:00 hrs

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