Thursday, 27 October 2011

Woman Accused Of Witchcraft

Every year, thousands of people across Nepal, mainly older women and children,  are accused of witchcraft and face physical abuse from friends and their neighbours, often ending in their murder. On my previous post i have wrote about women accused of witchcraft in Nepal, but again recently 60year old Kusuma Khatun of Godar-8 was kicked out of her village on October 13 after another elderly person in the neighborhood died. The villagers got her head shaved and force-fed her with feces before throwing her out. 
Now Kusuma Khatun has gone missing no one knows about her whereabouts. Her son and daughter in law have also been threatened by the locals to do the same to them if they talk about this incident to anyone. You can read the full story on myrepublica 


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