Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yeti Air averts accident

A possible airplane disaster was averted in Pokhara Wednesday in the context of a series of airplane accidents.

The engine of the 9N AHW (Jet Stream) airplane of the Yeti Airlines exploded as the aircraft was about to take off at Pokhara airport this evening. The plane was scheduled to fly to Kathmandu.

There was flame out after the engine exploded, but fortunately a major disaster was averted as the plane had not taken off from the runway, according to the Pokhara Civil Aviation Authority Office.

There were 23 passengers on board the plane including 18 foreigners. The right side engine of the plane exploded as it had reached mid-way of the runway while preparing for a takeoff. The airplane is in Pokhara airport at present.
Source: myrepublica


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