Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lex In Nepal

Did we all just adapt to our new environments so well that we forget Nepal? The country where we were born. The rugged roads, the tough people, bikers getting in trouble with the traffic, the stone paved streets of Basantapur, the nature-factor outside KTM city?

Lex Limbu is here to remind us exactly where we came from and what it felt like to be on the streets on Nepal. He is taking us back home in his upcoming video series "LEX IN NEPAL". It is a series of 6 short videos where the host, Lex, takes us from the colourful streets of Janakpur to the banks of Bagmati Khola and through the charts of Kollywood. In the series, we also take a peek at the lives of innocent kids brought together by fate, taxi drivers hustling a living out of unsuspecting people and the very first of the Nepalese transsexuals celebrating the Second Ever Gay Pride 2011. These are the aspects that build Nepal's essence to what it is and these are the very aspects failed to acknowledge by the Nepalese Government.

The videos will be released on a weekly basis starting with the Premiere on 20th November, Sunday at 8pm(UK). And a new episode will be aired every Sunday which continues for 5 more sundays.

So sit back, relax and enjoy Nepal, as it is and as its meant to be : Real and Dignified, through the eyes of Lex Limbu in LEX IN NEPAL.



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