Friday, 9 December 2011

Nepalese National Football team at the SAFF semi-finals

The clock is slowing down for the Nepalese national football team at Delhi as they prepare for the 12th SAFF games football Semi-Finals. But there's a lot more on the line for our players than just the championship.
The All Nepal Football Association(ANFA) has promised to provide a two-bedroom apartment to each of the 20 players and the 3 coaches.
The players will also be awarded Rs 10,000 every month for as long as they live by ANFA and a lifetime worth of free internet service from Nepal's leading ISP, Cherry World Communication, if they bring home the championship.
This is probably the first time something like this has been offered to motivate the players. And its awfully nice to see our entire nation coming together and backing up our team.
The Nepalese team is an admirable one and always has been. Let's hope that, this time around, fate is on our side and that they get to kiss the cup and bring it back with them.
We at, on behalf of all the Nepalis living abroad, would like to wish the team all the very best.


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