Friday, 6 January 2012

Explosion rocks busy New Road area in Kathmandu

A pressure cooker bomb went off at Pipalbot, New Road on Friday afternoon.

Though the explosion was heard some 200 metres away, no human casaulties have been reported, DSP Dhiraj Pratap Singh, spokesperson of the Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu, informed Republica.

The bomb which was wrapped in a blue plastic bag was alike a home-made improvised explosive device (IED), Singh added.

No one has owned the responsibility of explosion, according to the police.

“We are investigating into the matter,” Singh said.

Security has been beefed up following the explosion.
But claims it was just a firecracker rather then a actual bomb.
Source: Myrepublica


maar mackikney haru.... desh saparni vanda bigarni dhari chan, lado jasto.

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