Saturday, 7 January 2012

Prince Harry To Climb Mount Everest

Prince Harry is said to be climbing the Mount Everest this May.  The 27-year-old prince had held held long ambition to conquer Mount Everest. Prince Harry gave a hint on conquering Mount Everest at the end of his trek to the North Pole last year   to raise money for Walking With the Wounded, the charity of which he is patron, that he wanted to join the group of wounded servicemen on their next challenge in May, which will see them climbing the world’s highest mountain. 

Mollie Hughes, the 21-year-old mountaineer who plans to become the youngest British woman to climb Everest when she makes her own ascent with Kenton Cool in May, and who has been co-ordinating their climb with that of the Walking With the Wounded group, she has been told that the prince will also be going up. 
“He won’t be doing the full climb as it will take a long time and it requires rigorous training so I think he’ll be joining at a base camp,”Hughes . She adds that she is aware of the Walking With the Wounded group’s plans as they are planning their climb in the same month as hers and they are expected to be staying at the South Base Camp in Nepal, where the two groups will prepare for the testing conditions on the mountain.

The weather and a range of other factors mean that the Spring – any time between March and May – is reckoned to be the best time to climb Everest.


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