Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Road Ghost Rumor

Many businesses suffered a downturn and heavy traffic pileup was caused by a rumour that spread like wildfire. Dipak Maskey, the owner of the “haunted house” in New Road, Kathmandu is said to have been slapped by a "Ghost" at around 11:30 am in the morning. The "slapping" supposedly took place at the store located on the ground floor of Maskeys house while he was handing over the store keys to its new leaseholders.

People from all over Kathmandu gathered at the scene to get a glimpse of the four storied grey "Haunted house" located beside Ranjana Galli entrance and right across the New Road Pipal Bot. The situation got even worse when Mr. Maskey called the media and Vastu experts to dispel the myth of the ghost. Rumour quickly spread of a cameraman also getting beaten by the same ghost on site. As traffic conditions worsened, the Police had to intervene and disperse the crowd.
Whether or not the house is haunted remains a mystery and with differing views by the people at large.


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