Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Indira Joshi Sings In A Srilankan Song

Indira Joshi who started her musical journey as a kid by participating in the reality program, “Ko Bhanda Ko Kam” which was broadcasted from NTV and later even reaching the top five finalists after participating in the Nepali Tara season one. She has recently featured in a Srilankan song "Just 1 Click". My first reaction to this song was that I could not understand any words at the begining and was wondering if Indira Joshi may also be singing in Srilankan language but I was suprised her verse was in Nepali " Sunana kehi bhanchu ma , maya bina jindagi ma aru k nai chha ra". After listening to the full song even though I didnt understand the Srilankan verses the song and the music was catchy and I might have listened to this song more then 10 times. You can watch the video below. Also please comment below to share your views.



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