Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pooja Short Movie

Pooja a short movie written, produced and directed by Deepak Rauniyar is an eye opener for all the audiences. WOW!! this short movie in my opinion is the best Nepali Short movie I have seen in years. We have never thought how and why so many mothers have died while giving birth? We blame the society, family, god and even the government. But do we actually know why? This is just what this short movie showed me. I see a wide lack of knowledge of the people in society where they think drinking alcohol while giving birth helps to give birth. I also saw how a mothers negligence towards the regular health check up and failing to have the medicine just because you don't like it ends up. But what i mostly saw was how people still think of the old days and methods in this new era. A mother in law tells her pregnant daughter in law nothing will happen if she carries the load because in her time she carried more loads and nothing happened to her or her baby. This is just a typical Nepali thinking. This short movie also showed me how the government is unsuccessful in building roads or having a well built health post or hospital. maybe if there werent any of this problems Pooja might still have been alive if there were correct equipment and a doctor, etc. But in the end this short movie was very heart touching and i would like to recommend this movie to all of you. Scroll down to watch the movie and please share your comments below.  


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